Monday, February 22, 2010


The Wayúu are an indigenous community that lives in the Guajira, Colombia and parts of Venezuela. The community is known for the beautiful and intricately woven artifacts that they create as part of their culture and heritage. Each pattern and symbol that is woven on the "mochilas" (above), hammocks, etc have a meaning and represent items in their daily lives.

Wayúu, the company, was founded to help this community by selling their products and giving part of the proceeds to the women who are heads of households and who create these products. The company is focused on social responsibility and being able to provide a beautiful and unique piece to the consumer while giving back to the indigenous families in need.


The logo created for Wayúu is based on the woven patterns on the bottom of the "mochilas"(above). Most people may tend to overlook this part of the bag but many times it is the most intricate and most beautiful work.

Wayúu business cards. The back of the card repeats the logo and pattern found on the bottom of the "mochilas".

Back and front of the hang tags that are tied to each product. The back lets the buyer know (in English and Spanish) that their purchase is contributing to the 350 women that wove the particular product to support their families.

e-postcard sent out during the holidays. It was mainly targeted to companies interested in giving gifts to their clients and employees while being socially responsible. Most of the marketing material, aside from the business card and hang tags, are all digital and internet based in order to avoid waste and printing. The few items that are printed are done so on recycled paper.

Wayúu website. Content for the site is currently being produced. This includes an online catalog that will appear directly on the homepage. The design above was a quick solution in order to have a presence during the Christmas and Holiday season.

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