Thursday, June 20, 2013

Need a customized invitation for a specific theme? We can create one for you!

At arangostudio we design and create invitations for all kinds of events from a launch party for thousands of people to a small group at a child's birthday party.

Our latest project was an invitation for a baby shower hosted by me. Rather than use a generic card or e-vite, we designed an invite that was more personalized. 

The first step was to request information, images and references from the
future baby's mother. She had recently decorated the baby's room and we decided to use the same theme for the invitation. 



We then created wrapping paper for gifts and decorative items based on the same theme to be used during the baby shower.



If you have a wedding, family or corporate event coming up and need a customized invitation, let us know. Call us at 314.394.6302 or email us at We also design save the date invites, rsvp cards and customized decorative items to add to personalize your event.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

“Good design is mostly about being nice to people"

“Good design is mostly about being nice to people,” according to Pentagram's Paula Scher. “Warning and regulation signs are necessary. It doesn’t cost any more to make them attractive.”. She is referring to the new signs designed by the agency for New York City's beaches. 

Read full article from Fast Company here.