Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Great Holiday Gifts with a Purpose from Fundacion Promedio

If you still haven't gotten all of your Holiday shopping done, you may want to consider these creative and useful options to give as gifts. Chairs and stools made out of old refrigerator and television cardboard boxes, shopping bags, baby bibs and aprons made from large flour or sugar sacs are just a few of the many items available to give your loved ones or co-workers. I own several of these products and am always happy to give and receive more!

Fundacion Promedio, a non-profit organization created by Samuel Cordoba and Catalina Lopez has been creating products that are not only useful but they are made out of materials that have been up-cycled as opposed to re-cycled. This means that the cardboard and propylene used to make these items has been kept in it's current state and re-used to serve a different purpose. Hence the name of their product line "Re-Uso" or Re-Use. 

The best part of these gifts is that they are unique, have a low impact on the environment, and better yet, 15% of the proceeds go to Tumaco in Choco, Colombia, one of the poorest areas in the country. Currently proceeds have been used towards purchasing items such as fabrics for costumes and instruments that are used to promote and maintain traditional customs native to the region.

Interested in giving a gift and helping a community while doing so? Visit http://www.fundacionpromedio.com to see more products and social causes or e-mail fundacionpromedio@gmail.com to place your order.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Not sure what to give this year for the holidays?


How about a gift from Oxfam?
Oxfam International is an organization that creates sustainable solutions to poverty, hunger and injustice by working with communities locally and globally. It encourages people to help by purchasing a unique gift on behalf of a friend. Your gift has a purpose and can range from honey bees to planting a vegetable garden and more. The community in need receives the gift and your friend receives a card.

Take a look at all of the unique gifts available at: http://www.oxfamamericaunwrapped.com/home.php

This year cards were created by illustrator Jessica Hische. Here are some samples of the campaign that was created and some of the inspiring illustrations.