Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Copa America has a new logo

COPA América or the American Cup takes place every four years in a different country of South America and is the oldest international soccer tournament. In 2015 the competition will be held in Chile.

Brandia Central designed the new identity for next year's tournament stating "this edition of COPA América would be the start of something new, being the first with a “host-inspired brand”. Instead of presenting an “institutional-based brand” (focusing on COPA America’s tournament), like the previous ones, this edition’s brand would present Chile as proud host, showing its influence on the brand visuals."

"The Chilean culture was the background for all the creative process: the 5-point star of the national flag, the 8-point star as an old national symbol as well as a reminder of the 8 host cities, the kultrun (ancient tribal drum) design, the human visual representations from folk culture representing 4 values: Celebration, Passion, Surpass and Triumph. In other words,  a fan (or “hincha”, in spanish), a heart, two contenders and the most beautiful football move of all — the bicycle kick, aka “Chilena” (Chilean).  All of these elements were then revisited through a modern visual approach. Portraying a modern, ambitious and cheerful country."

 Different design elements of the identity system

Logo for the host city

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Recent Work: Scientifica

Project: Business Cards and Corporate Presentation Templates
Client: Scientífica

Corporate Presentation Template Cover

Content Divider with same look & feel as the business cards

Presentation slides including guidelines for fonts, sizes and tables

Slide with samples of design elements to be used throughout the presentation to highlight important information