Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Want your client to feel good? Choose the right font and layout

Psychologist Kevin Larson, who has dedicated his career researching typefaces, conducted a study involving 20 volunteers who were separated into two groups and then shown separate layouts of the New Yorker magazine. One of the layouts was badly designed while the other was designed well. See designs above.

Results showed that readers belonging to the group who read the poorly designed layout felt bad. Sometimes even expressing this emotion physically with a frown.

On the the other hand, members from the group reading from the well designed layout, felt better and thought that it took less time to read. This group was also found to have more focus, a more efficient mental process, and a stronger sense of clarity.

Research concluded "that well-designed reading environments don’t necessarily help you understand what you’re reading better, but they do make you feel good, causing you to feel inspired and more likely to take action." according to Mikael Cho's article, "The science behind fonts (and how they make you feel)".

Make sure you are making your potential clients and employees feel good, calm and relaxed. If you don't know what fonts to use or are not sure about the best layout for your brochure, website or marketing material, arangostudio can help. 

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