Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What do you think of the new ebay logo?

In the past few weeks we have seen several redesigns for a variety of well-know logos. The most recent being ebay's logo. 

Here are some of the comments being written about the new logo.

Of all the potential logos that could be done for eBay this is the absolute most boring and risk-averse logo that could have been both presented and selected. There is a lot of “could”s here and that’s what I find the most disappointing with this redesign: there was an opportunity to create a logo as memorable — ideally for better reasons — as the old one. Instead we got a typeface out of the box with super tight tracking and kerning. Somebody call the Fun Police, they are all fired because we clearly don’t need them anymore.

Armin Vit

The old design has a lot more character, and I’ll be sad to see it replaced with a wordmark that loses much of that flavour, even if it did always seem like an afterthought on the website, squashed up in the corner without room to breath. With such a distinctive name and palette I doubt the logo change will have an adverse affect. You could say the update is more “grown up,” and that probably would’ve pleased the shareholders.

What are your thoughts?