Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Steaming pile of poo" or chocolate kiss?

The Hershey Company recently revealed their new logo.

This is what the old logo looked like.

What changed?
  • The logo has become flatter and more simple
  • The apostrophe and last "s" have been removed
  • The wordmark no longer has beveling
  • A custom font was created (notice the "r" curving under the "s")
  • The font was changed for the name of the company
  • The kiss no longer has a wrapper and is now flat

Steaming pile of poo or chocolate kiss?
The flattened kiss icon has generated a lot of comments such as:

"Err... Steaming sh*t?"

"Me too, and I subscribe to the view that the thing that happened to the Airbnb logo was uncalled for. But this one deserves a shitstorm of mocking. "

"I believe the correct term is Steaming Pile of Poo, just like the UTF-8 char."

"In context, the logo looks real nice, but in advertising you have to take into consideration the current state of your audience. This looks exactly like a poop emoji."

arangostudio's thoughts:
We like it! It's a much cleaner design, easier to reproduce and still very recognizable. 

What are your thoughts?

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