Tuesday, July 28, 2015

go local Relocation Services

Logo design 
Webpage design and development
Business Presentation template  
go local

Logo Design   
The client had a very specific image in mind which was translated into the icon of the logo. The identity had to be fresh, modern and not too corporate. Bright, non traditional colors were chosen to transmit the energy and friendliness of the company. 

A clean and bright webpage was created in both English and Spanish to cater to international and local clients in need of relocation services. Colorful icons were created for easy navigation. Non traditional imagery and photographs were used to differentiate the company from other relocation services, to avoid some of the cliche images commonly used such as globes and to show another side of Bogotá that showcases the city's colors and vibrancy.

Business Presentation Template
A presentation template was designed using the same look & feel of the website. Guides and guidelines were developed to maintain brand consistency throughout. Color palettes, fonts and icons were incorporated in order to make the template easy to use and ensure that all of the elements properly represent the brand.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

MTV Popland Event

MTV Popland! Event

Invitation Design
In collaboration with Mirona/Nube Dreams Come True

arangostudio is known to collaborate on many projects with different partners and allies. We believe in coming together to provide solutions for our clients or those of other small businesses that can benefit from our joint effort. 

One of our most recent collaborations was for MTV Networks and the launch party for a new soap opera style show called Popland that was taking place in Bogotá. Mirona, the company in charge of organizing the event, contacted us so that we could develop a concept for two sets of invitations. One set that was to be sent to the general public and the other to VIP guests.
The show tells the story of a girl who becomes a paparazzi and how her life evolves around celebrities and gossip. We decided to focus on the paparazzi aspect, creating two invitations that played on the concept of making the guest either a paparazzi taking the picture or a celebrity having his/her photo taken.

One of the original concepts was to create a pop-up card that would resemble the flash of a camera when opened.

For VIP guests, we used point and shoot disposable cameras with the logo and look & feel from the show.