Friday, November 22, 2013

Philips Launches New Logo

Last week Philips revealed the re-design of their logo after having launched, a website created to encourage people to participate in the "uncovering" of the logo by claiming a pixel. Each pixel claimed is a small part of the logo.

Here is the final result. 

We happen to agree with Armin form the underconsideration website, "Going with a color-filled shield also helps establish a bolder presence. It’s hard not to like it, because most changes have been made for the benefit of the “physicality” of the logo — they may not make for an iconic and historic piece of logo design but it functions."

 New tagline

Business Card



As Amin states, "Overall, no surprises here: it’s a safe and smart evolution for an extremely large brand."

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

So gross we love it! Happy Halloween!

We hope you are having a great Halloween and to make it even better we wanted to share this scary or even gross-looking but nutritious snack to share with your friends.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good Design Can Make You Happy

Some days we need a little bit of inspiration, especially on dark and dreary afternoon. We thought you might too. So we decided we would share this talk by graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister who shows us moments in his life were design made him happy.

Please enjoy and share!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

8 Web Design Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

"As a small business, your website is the most crucial element of your marketing and branding efforts. One flaw may turn away a valuable potential customer.", according to Ilya Pozin, CEO of Open Me and columnist for Inc, Forbes & LinkedIn.

He also states that "a poorly designed website could cost you thousands of dollars upfront, but even more concerning is the loss of potential revenue you may experience from its poor design and function."

Is your business making any of these mistakes when it comes to your website?

1. You’ve overlooked your target audience or you are targeting everyone.
Pozin recommends "If you’re looking to reach women in the 21 to 30 age range, consider youthful color schemes and imagery, and cater to mobile website compatibility. As for an older target market, focus on larger font sizes and simplifying the user experience to help with faster navigation. Many Web design questions are more easily answered through target audience research." 

2. You’ve gone overboard with the design
Don't confuse interactive and non-static with having a flashy design.  We agree with Pozin when he says that a flashy design isn’t an effective marketing strategy for your website. "Over-designing your website -- and ending up with a busy-looking product -- will ensure your potential customers spend very little time on it." This is why at arangostudio, we recommend clean design and navigation that allows the customer to quickly gather information with a minimal effort.

3. You’re missing a clear call to action
You must be able to determine what you want the customer to do once they reach your page and they should be easily guided to the next step. Do you want them to call you right away? Fill out a quick form to request a quote?

4. You either went over budget or paid too little
"I’ve come across far too many small businesses who ended up with a horrible website after hiring a cheap designer. At the other end of the spectrum, I’ve also encountered far too many companies who shot for the stars by attempting to hire an expensive agency famed for working with big brands, only to find out the agency doesn’t have the skills to help an ROI-focused small business"

"When it comes to launching a new website or redeveloping your current one, do your research. Choosing the right Web marketing agency could make or break your website. It’s also best to keep in mind that being too money-focused can skew the whole process in the wrong direction."

We have experienced exactly what Pozin describes above and have ended up redesigning many pages for our clients who initially went with the cheaper proposal but the page was poorly constructed, the design did not represent the company or it simply was not helping them achieve their needs.

5. Your content is stale

According to Pozin "if your website is lacking a fresh feel in terms of content, your customer may assume you’re not in business any longer--or worse, you’re not innovative enough to get ahead of the competition. For appealing content, ensure your addressing the needs of both your current and potential customers. Update frequently, especially with company updates, news, and trends. If you have a blog on your website, consider updating it at least once a week to help drive visitors to your website and improve your search engine optimization." 

We can help you with that by developing new content, keywords and Search Engine Optimization strategies that will help bring customers back to your page and have a high ranking in searches.

6. You decided to DIY
"Web design is better left to the pros. While a DIY initiative may seem necessary to accommodate your small budget, you’re probably not going to do your small business justice on the Web. Your website will be the first chance many of your customers have to interact with your brand; presenting a DIY experience may turn them away." says Pozin.

We couldn't agree with him more. 

7. Your website lacks mobile compatibility
Pozin's article states "seventy-five percent of smartphone Internet users prefer a mobile-friendly site, but 96 percent say they’ve encountered sites that were not designed for mobile devices."

While not all websites must have a separate version created for mobile devices, many would benefit from it. arangostudio can help you determine whether your business needs a mobile site and create one for you when necessary. 

8. Your social media buttons are broken
You are missing out on opportunities and sending out the wrong message to potential clients.

Source: 8 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make by Ilya Pozin, CEO of Open Me and columnist for Inc, Forbes & LinkedIn


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wedding Invitations

At arangostudio we create all kinds of invitations for your special day. We design everything from traditional and classic invitations to more casual and modern ones. Our designs are based on the type of wedding you are planning and your preferences.

Choose from one of designs or contact us at to have a completely customized design for your invitations, save the dates, rsvp cards and more.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fish Market/La Fragata for AgroExpo

E-mail marketing piece

Mini Menu Cover


Mini Menu Inside Spread

 Table Cards 

Something to Keep in Mind While Working on Social Change

Change the culture, change the world

"Plenty of marketing, particularly the marketing of social-change groups, focuses on educating people and getting them to make different (and better) decisions.

But most actions aren't decisions at all.

In Reykjavik, shopkeepers keep their doors closed (it's cold!) and if they were aware that in Telluride most stores keep their doors propped open (even in the winter) they'd think it was nuts.

In China, the typical household saves three to five times as much of their income as a household in the US. This is not an active decision, it's a cultural component.

The list goes on and on. A practioner of Jainism doesn't have a daily discussion about being a vegetarian, and a female graduate of Johns Hopkins is likely pre-sold on the role of women in the workplace.

If you ask someone about a cultural practice, the answer almost always boils down to, "that's what people like me do."

Powerful organizations and great brands got there by aligning with and accelerating tectonic cultural shifts, not by tweaking sales one at a time.

There are two lessons here. The first is that the easiest thing to do is merely amplify what a culture is already embracing. The second is that real change is cultural change, and you must go about it with the intent to change the culture, not to merely make the easy change, the easy sale."

-Seth Godin

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Corporate Identities and Logos


Logo created for a restaurant that specializes in meat and sells a variety of cuts for customers to take home.



Caicas Flowers

The icon for this logo is a bird called "Caica". These birds are frequently found walking around the farm where the the roses for Caicas Flowers are grown.

Both vertical and horizontal versions of the logo were created.

Go Local

This logo was designed for a relocation agency that wanted something modern, fresh, casual and not very corporate.

Latin Financial Strategies

Brand architecture for Latin Financial Strategies, LFS Auto Leasing and LFS Business Capital.

Estrategias en Liquidez

Branding development for Estrategias en Liquidez.

Structure and meaning behind their logo.

Happy Bees Kindergarten

Happy Bees Kindergarten came to us in need of a playful and cheerful logo for their kindergarten located in La Calera, Colombia.




Common Purpose Clothing

Logo for common purpose clothing, a clothing company whose essence is represented by a flock of flying birds that have a desire to fly higher and further while maintaining a common purpose of staying together, protect and envelop each other and make themselves known as a species.

Page from the Corporate Identity Manual showing the color palette in Pantone values, CMYK and RGB.



Pablo Salgado Photography

Logos for Pablo Salgado Photography who photographs wedding, portraits and more.


Concepts developed for a Aquadek, a system made out of PVC tubes that purifies water.

Friday, July 5, 2013

New Baby? New Birth Announcements from arangostudio

If you have a wedding, family or corporate event coming up and need a customized invitation, let us know. Call us at 57.314.394.6302 or email us at We also design save the date invites, rsvp cards and customized decorative items to add to personalize your event.

See more samples below:

Baby Shower Invitations
Launch Party for MTV
HMSF Exhibit Openings and Member Events
RSVP and E-vite for The Clinton Foundation

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Need a customized invitation for a specific theme? We can create one for you!

At arangostudio we design and create invitations for all kinds of events from a launch party for thousands of people to a small group at a child's birthday party.

Our latest project was an invitation for a baby shower hosted by me. Rather than use a generic card or e-vite, we designed an invite that was more personalized. 

The first step was to request information, images and references from the
future baby's mother. She had recently decorated the baby's room and we decided to use the same theme for the invitation. 



We then created wrapping paper for gifts and decorative items based on the same theme to be used during the baby shower.



If you have a wedding, family or corporate event coming up and need a customized invitation, let us know. Call us at 314.394.6302 or email us at We also design save the date invites, rsvp cards and customized decorative items to add to personalize your event.

See more samples below:

Launch Party for MTV
HMSF Exhibit Openings and Member Events
RSVP and E-vite for The Clinton Foundation

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

“Good design is mostly about being nice to people"

“Good design is mostly about being nice to people,” according to Pentagram's Paula Scher. “Warning and regulation signs are necessary. It doesn’t cost any more to make them attractive.”. She is referring to the new signs designed by the agency for New York City's beaches. 

Read full article from Fast Company here.



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Avianca has a new look



Avianca is "the first airline in the Americas and the second in the world, with nine decades of uninterrupted service, it connects the diverse regions of Colombia, and the country with the world." The company has now merged TACA Airlines, AeroGal and Tampa Cargo in order to operate under only one name: Avianca.

The new logo was designed by Lippincott which states "In creating the visual identity it was important to reflect the heritage and legacy of both Avianca and TACA but also signal that this is a new, pan-Latin American Avianca....The new identity was built on the symbolic power of the Condor, a symbol long associated with Avianca but now in a modern form that figuratively links South, Central and North America."

According to Avianca's press release the new brand was "inspired by the Modern Latino: warm men and women, who are active, well-traveled and highly demanding." 

"A pallet of four colors was selected: the Avianca red, a dark red which
is the essence of TACA Airlines, the orange that represents the
union of the companies, and a variety of grays to complement
these colors."