Monday, February 22, 2010


MasterCard Corporate Payment Solutions

"MasterCard Corporate Payment Solutions is a global leader in streamlined, end-to-end payment solutions for corporations, mid-sized companies, small businesses and the public sector."

A series of manuals (above and below) designed to explain the implementation process of the MasterCard Corporate Corporate Program. The books were created in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


MasterCard Corporate Payment Solutions cover flattened. Each manual has a painted line wrapping around the cover.


The three manuals were unified by the same painted line that wraps around each cover becoming one solid line on the spines of the manuals.

MasterCard Copa Toyota Libertadores


The Copa Libertadores de América is a South American football (soccer) competition that takes place each year. For many years Toyota sponsored this tournament which is why it was previously called Copa Toyota Libertadores de América. MasterCard has also been a sponsor for many years and was the official form of payment at the event.


MasterCard Debit Card


MasterCard has a variety of debit cards, each one targeted to a different type of consumer. It was important to MasterCard to explain the differences in these cards and establish a set of guidelines on how these cards should be marketed. A manual was created for banking entities showing clear samples of branding and placement to be applied to any marketing materials created by these entities.

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