Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Historical Museum of Southern Florida Website

The Historical Museum of Southern Florida went through a re-design of their identity system, branding and overall look. The new design had to be applied to all areas of the museum including the website.

  • The site was transformed from a very informative, copy heavy and inconsistent navigation menu and look to a more streamlined version.
  • Content was organized into more efficient categories and links.
  • Text was broken up to make it easier to read.
  • More images were added including collections, current exhibitions and online exhibitions.
  • Visitors are now able to become members, register for camps or events and communicate with the museum online as opposed to filling out a form and faxing. This process helped save time for those registering as well as museum staff members and greatly reduced the use of paper.
  • The site has become a useful reference and educational tool.
  • E-fliers, e-vites and newsletters containing current news and information from the website, were also sent out as part of this re-design effort.
  • The website provides visitor's with easy access to information which in turn led to an increase in visitors, members and students at camps. It also has eliminated the need to print and mail many marketing pieces allowing the museum to allocate those funds elsewhere.

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