Tuesday, April 28, 2015

3A Ingenieria SAS

3A Ingenieria SAS

3A Ingenieria SAS

Updating of logo
Brochure, business card and letterhead redesign
Corporate presentation design
Corporate ID Manual

Brochure redesign
Eliminated and simplified a lot of the original copy
Created graphics that were clean, making information easier to read
Used shapes that remind reader of logo
Established a color palette that would help identify 3A Ingeniería and would create a more organized look rather than using a random color palette
Incorporated larger and more relatable images


Business Card and Letterhead redesign
A simple, clean and corporate design was used for the new business cards ensuring that the same font and colors were used throughout all of the communication pieces.

Corporate ID Manual
arangostudio created a manual to ensure that the logo is used correctly each time in every communications piece. Previously, the logo had been used in several sizes, sometimes making it difficult to read, the color of the logo changed and was not always the same blue and there wasn't consistency throughout the marketing material making it difficult to easily recognize the brand. The manual explains how to properly use the logo, color palettes and applications to different pieces, uniforms and merchandising.

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