Friday, August 3, 2012

The William J. Clinton Foundation

The William J. Clinton Foundation has established several initiatives with different missions for the purpose of achieving its goals. The mission of the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (CGSGI) is to create job opportunities and generate income to help low income communities in developing nations to "work themselves out of poverty".

In Colombia, CGSGI developed a program that provides training skills to construction workers working at Ciudad Verde, a very large development of low income housing created by 8 different construction companies. The training skills would provide workers the opportunity to improve their craft, become certified in certain fields and make them eligible for future employment at other construction sites. 

The challenge was to inform all stakeholders of the program and then have them actively participate. 

arangostudio and avantgard media worked together to develop a series of communication tools directed towards each of the targets or stakeholders. We understood that in order to get each party to commit and become engaged, we would have to customize the look, feel and approach of the message being sent.

Flyers, posters and banners were designed using minimum text and adding a character or mascot that would provide more personality to the pieces and that construction workers could relate to.

A contest called Construyendo Futuros or Building Futures was developed in order to encourage participation on behalf of the large construction companies who were disengaged. The winner was announced in the newsletter we created.

Through the use of graphs, charts and percentages in the newsletter, the construction companies were able to see how they ranked in terms of who had the highest number of workers participating in programs, contest winners, etc. This information created a healthy competition among companies.

Attendance numbers for the training programs greatly increased. Many construction workers completed the programs, becoming certified and feeling a great sense of pride and accomplishment. 

We also designed invitations (both print and e-vite) to the graduation ceremonies.

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